About Pakur

Pakur which was previously known by the name Pakaur is the district headquarter of Pakur district of Jharkhand. It became a district in the year 1994 before which it was a sub division of Santhal Parganas. When Jharkhand became a new state in the year 2000, the district of Pakur came under the administrative control of the state of Jharkhand.

About Pakur
Pakur Railway Station

Geography of Pakur

In the north east corner of the state of Jharkhand lies city of Pakur at a longitude of 86°25' to 87°57' E and latitude of 23°40' to 25°18. The city is bordered by Dumka district in South, Sahibganj district in North, Birbhum and Murshidabad district in the East and Godda district in west. The total area of Pakur has been estimated to be 696 square kilometers. It is located very near to West Bengal border.The city is located near West Bengal. Summers are generally hot and starts from end of March to June. The temperature may be as high as 48°C. Summers are followed by rainy season from end of June to end of September. From October there is chill in the air and the winter season starts from November and lasts till end of February. January and December being the coldest months.

Demography of Pakur

The total population of Pakur as per 2011 census is 899200. Female constitute 47% of the total population while male population is 53%. The average literacy rate is 50.17%out of which female literacy is 41.23% and male literacy is about 59.02%. The total population under the age of 6 is 16%. The language that is mostly spoken here is Hindi.

Administration in Pakur

District administration of Pakur is headed by District Magistrate and Deputy Commissioner. The district of Pakur has single sub division i.e. Pakur. Hiranpur, Pakur, Littipara, Maheshpur, Amrapara and Pakuria are the six development blocks. The sub divisional office is headed by Sub divisional magistrate and Sub Divisional officer. Development programmers which are undertaken by welfare department and DRDA are implemented by block development officers. Police administration is headed by superintended of police. At sub divisional level one SDPO is posted. All total there are 6 police stations in the whole district of Pakur namely Hiranpur, Pakur Sadar, Amrapara, Littipara, Pakuria and Maheshpur. These police stations see to it that the law and order is maintained in the district at all times and to ensure safety of people residing there.

Economy of Pakur

Information on Pakur

Pakur derives most of its revenue from agriculture which is the primary occupation of the city. Not only agriculture, the city also has lot of mineral reserves. Fire clay, black stone and coal are some of the major minerals that can be found there. Hence, crushing and mining of such minerals are carried out here.Manufacture of crushing and mining machinery are also carried out in few industries in Pakur. It is known to have the biggest coal reserves in the whole world. The one block of coal that is active in the whole region has been allotted to Punjab State Government for use in Thermal Power Plants. The excavation of coal is being carried out by PANAM on behalf of Punjab State Government. Bidi manufacturing is also carried out in large scale in Pakur.

Transportation of Pakur

Pakur is well connected to the rest of Jharkhand and also to other states via good network of roads and railways. The city has a railway station of its own. Tilbhita Railway Station, Nagarnabi Rail Way Station and Dhulian Ganga Rail Way Station are also located near to the city. Malda is a major railway station near Pakur. From here, one can take trains to all the major cities and states of the country. It is located at a distance of 56 Km from the city. Pakur does not have airport and the nearest airport is Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Airport and Bagdogra Airport which are located at a distance of 257 km and 260 Km respectively.

Healthcare Services in Pakur

Looking after the health care needs of the people residing in any area is important. The local administration of Pakur sees to it that the hospitals in the city have adequate facility and qualified medical personnel are there to treat people who are suffering from any ailments. The hospitals in Pakur as listed below can be approached for any medical issues.

St. Luke's Hospital
Address: P.O. Hiranpur
Pakur, Jharkhand: 816104
Phone No: +919955569689
[email protected]

Nilam Nursing Home
Address: Collage, Pakur

Sadar Hospital
Address: Pakur

Maheshpur PHC
Address: Maheshpur, Pakur

Tourist Attractions in Pakur

Pakur informations

The city of Pakur has lot to offer when it comes to tourism. Easy accessibility to the city and good hotels to stay make this place all the more appealing to the tourist. The city has many historical buildings and temples which tells you about the glorious bygone eras. The religious places which can be visited for seeking blessings are Diwan-e-Pir, Dharni-Paha, Nityakali Mandir, Shiv Sheetla Mandir and Mahakal Shakti Pith. Devinagar situated close to the city can be visited to get a glimpse of the ruins of houses and temples which was built by King Udit Narayan Singh. Birkitti can be visited to witness the battle ground where a war between Nabab Murshid Kuli Khan and Raja Udit Narayan Singh had taken place in 18th century. One can still see the ruins of the fort. For more information, click here

Transportation in Pakur

Pakur can easily be reached via railways and roadways. Pakur has a railway station of its own. Major railway station near Pakur is that of Malda which is located at a distance of 56 Km from the city. One can also travel via road to reach the city. Good network roads leading to Pakur ensures comfortable journey. If travelling via flight one can either take flight to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Airport or Bagdogra Airport which is located at a distance of 257 Km and 260 Km from Pakur. Pakur has rich culture which will ensure great time for the tourists who are on a visit to this city. The easy accessibility to the city makes it a comfortable journey for the visitors who can reach the place easily.

The city of Pakur is well developed and contains all the basic requirements which are needed for the people to lead a comfortable life.

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